Governing Body

By , August 11, 2009 12:59 am

The present members of the Governing Body, to whom the management of Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE) is entrusted, are:

  1. The President
  2. The Vice- President
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Joint Secretary
  5. The Accountant
  6. The Treasurer
  7. The Auditor
  8. The Organizing Secretary
  9. The Adviser

The efficient and smooth functioning of the Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE) is the responsibility of the Governing Body. Their powers and functions are as follows:

  • The Governing body, may from time to time, make, amend, add to, vary or repeal bye-laws in force, at any particular time, are not inconsistent with this rules, or any other directives of the movement in force at any time.
  • Defining the duties, powers and functions of the different officials of the Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE) and formulating the conditions of service.
  • The Governing Body shall have the power to appoint, as it may deem necessary for the fulfillment of the objects of the Society, Committees and sub-committees, and to prescribe for them, from time to time, their functions, duties, privileges, remunerations and rules of conduct; and to take cognizance of any infraction by them of the provisions of this Act or Rules, or of the resolutions, policies or directives of the Government Body.
  • Entering into Agreement and contracts, making instruments and acquiring and disposing of property and other assets that Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE) may own or possess at any time, by all legal means whatsoever.
  • To borrow money, receive gifts, grants, legacies, etc. in respect of any moveable and immoveable properties, in furtherance of the objectives of Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE).
  • To establish, maintain control, conduct and close down branches/units or, representations of the Society in such places as in India and abroad, and on such terms as the Governing Body may form time to time deem expedient or necessary.
  • To invest money of Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE), and to vary or transpose any investments in such manner, as deem fit, from time to time; open and operate on current, overdraft, or fixed deposit accounts with Scheduled Bank or Banks approved by the Government.
  • The Governing Body shall invite persons of imminence or distinction who may render meritorious service to Protection and Conservation of Environment (PACE). However, Invitees shall have no voting rights and they shall aid and advice the functioning of the society as and when required.
  • To approve & sanction the Annual Plan & Budget.

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